We Become the Cheesewrights of Adherak

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

As we continue to delve into the novel Goblins by Philip Reeve main characters are being introduced to us.  In our last Inklings meeting we took an early look at our hero(?), Henwyn.  He is a bit of a drip, or as the goblin Skarper calls him… “an idiot.”

Now Henwyn comes from a long and distinguished line of cheese makers and should be happy to inherit the cheese house from his father, but like so many young men before him he sees adventure and excitement in his future, not Cheddar and Havarti.  So Henwyn lingers at the used sword stall and buys magic elixirs from cracked up old sorcerers rather than focus on cheese pressing.

With this in mind we decided it would be a good reading challenge to make a batch of cheese, of course adding Fentongoose’s magic elixir.

Take a look at our video from SMS Inklings Cooking Hour…

We had great fun and look forward to more reading adventures with Goblins by Philip Reeve.

Read on,

Mr. H

ps. Our next meeting will be September 11.


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