The League of Seven

Hello Steampunk (née Fantasy) Lovers,

Yesterday was our first Inklings meeting with our new book… The League of Seven by Alan Gratz.  A few members have already finished the book and are salivating for book two.  The short story called Hero of the Five Points will have to hold us over while Mr. Gratz finishes off The Dragon Lantern.

As we talk about Steampunk as a literary genre and subculture, the Inklings group will become a group of makers.  Yesterday I highlighted four key components to the Steampunk world and our next projects. You can take a look at our agenda for a reminder of our project titles.

Inklings Agenda 2014 Steampunk

Now, as I said as we left our meeting last evening, it is time for you to become collectors.  You have two weeks until our next Inklings meeting and you need materials.  Look for the following all over your house, school and neighborhood…

1. cardboard tubes (LOTS)

2. duct tape (colored black and brown and yellow)

3. Steampunk looking trash or recyclables for your Tik-Tok

4. Any steampunk looking items you might be able to find or buy (Don’t spend a lot of money)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have fun hunting, and as always you can store materials in my classroom until our next meeting (December 4).

Read on,

Mr. H


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