Are You Into The True Meaning of Smekday?

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

It is a raining Monday here in NC and I thought I would break into your track-out/ first weeks back to talk with you all a little about our next read… The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.

Before we get into Smekday, a little scheduling change for you Inklings.  My last post said we would not meet until February 5, but that has changed to January 29.  We had to cancel you last meeting, and February 5th is a day that I will be in a teacher training, so I have switched the Guys Read and Inkling meetings so you will go first.  The Inklings will then meet again on February 19.

So back to Smekday.  Are you reading?  Are you enjoying the story?  Is the idea of a sequel and movie exciting you?

Why don’t you hit that comment button and let us all know what you are thinking.  If you are not into the story yet, why not find the book and get going.  It is really funny and I know you will all enjoy the story.

I am right now working on some reading challenges for our first meetings back.  We will be doing some Boov writing, designing some Happy Mouse Kingdom attractions and developing a game known as Stickyfish.  I hope to have some other reading challenges for us before the end of track out, so get excited.

So until the 29th of January I leave with with this important question from page 42 of The True Meaning of Smekday…. “Is Chubusil right for you?”

Hit that comment button and let us know.


One thought on “Are You Into The True Meaning of Smekday?

  1. Chubusil is a medicine for the psychical state of mind that makes you able to use the restroom.

    It is also sometimes known as the second greatest award for Library people since the ALA award where a bunch of hyped Library people get together to yell at each other about who will win the biggest book award. Peace out.


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