Who Said It Better?

Hello Sci-Fi lovers, Yesterday, during our Inklings meeting, we listened to a little of the audiobook version of The True Meaning of Smekday and then watched the trailer for Home.  In those two versions of Adam Rex’s story two different actors voice the Boov J.Lo.  Bahni Turpin is the voice actress who gave J.Lo the sheep like bubble wrap voice and Jim Parsons voiced the Boov Oh in the movie version.  At the end of the meeting I asked who you thought voiced J.Lo better and now you can make your vote count  in a new poll. Go ahead and vote and if you want to defend your vote add a comment at the bottom.

In my head J.Lo will always and forever sound like he did in the Audiobook. Read on, Mr. H

ps. I found this on Adam Rex’s Twitter page right after our meeting.  I wonder who he prefers?


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