So Many Snow Days!!!

Hello Readers,

I’m sure you are completely with me when I say, No More Snow Days, right?

So this is what happens at our house on the eighth snow day…. Snow Jabba the Hut freezes Mr. H in Carbonite.


With all of the lost school we will again have a combined 7th/8th Grade Guys Read and Inklings meeting this Thursday which will be March 5th.  At this point we have to finish talking about The True Meaning of Smekday, the movie version comes out in less than a month!  You should see some of the things Adam Rex is posting on his Twitter page… So many weird Boov marketing plus out there.  You can see Boovs on airplanes, and Boov Chicken nuggets?

So enjoy the weekend and we will see you back in school on Monday and see you at our next meeting this Thursday.  Why not do some Smekday/Home searching and see what you can find?

Read On,

Mr. H


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