Thank You Jennifer Nielsen

Hello Readers,

So we have been reading Mark of the Thief by our close, personal friend Jennifer Nielsen and having a great time exploring the world of Ancient Rome.

Today I handed out the very kind gifts Mrs. Nielsen sent our way after finding out we were attacking her latest novel.


I fully expect to see Mark of the Thief neck tattoos when students come to school tomorrow.


I told you there would be a neck tattoo

One of the big projects we are working on deals with the magic bulla of Julius Caesar that plays such an important part of the story.  We did some research on Roman bullas and then designed our own.

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The bullas we designed had to have a fantastic beast of some sort on the front and we will add our initials when the finals come back.  Speaking of the finals, we are very excited because our design teacher has agreed to scan our drawings and use his 3D printer to print out our bullas!  That should be super cool, check back and we will show them off.

You may, or may not, notice the names across the bottom of the bulla designs.  Today we also talked about the meaning of our names, using Nicholas and his name as our starting place.  Did you know Nicholas means victory?  Do you know what your name means?  We had a lot of fun researching our names.

Once we had researched the meaning of our names we talked about Nicholas meeting Felix for the first time and introducing himself as Nicholas Calva, and how Felix teased Nic and asked about him adding a cognomen.  The Inkling challenge was to add a cognomen to their name as the attached it to their bulla design.

So the designs are off to the printers and we are off to read more Mark of the Thief and in two weeks we head down into the sewers.

See you then.

Read on,

Mr. H

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