Escape from the Cloaca Maxima

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Today we held the third to last Inklings meeting of this school year.  It is a sad realization, but all of the members are either 6th or 7th graders, so we can continue on next school year like nothing has happened.

We are continuing to talk about Mark of the Thief by Jennifer Nielsen and today we focused on the Roman Cloaca Maxima.  After a little lighthearted warm up dealing with Roman toilets and the goddess Cloacina from our friends over at Horrible Histories we were ready for a little reading and our reading challenge.

We read the section of the story where Nic is escaping from the amphitheater and Rome on the back of Caela, but is shot down by a legionnaires arrow.  He finds himself on the banks of the Tiber right at the entrance to the “grand sewer.”  He then spends days wandering around blind, hurt and disgusted by the smell. That is where our reading challenge picked up… well all except the hurt part.

Take a look at our introduction…

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So with blindfolds and Bovril at the ready three brave Inklings tested our sewer with hopes of escape.

We had a great time learning, about and escaping from, the Cloaca Maxima.  Please join us in two weeks as we work on fixing Nic’s damaged arm with a few items you might find in a Whole Foods Store.

In the end I had to ask in anyone was willing to try the Bovril…

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So check out Mark of the Thief is you are interested in some more sewer escapes and check back in with us in two weeks to see another crazy reading challenge.

Read on,

Mr. H

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