The Wonderful World of Olive Oil and A Roman Banquet

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Last Thursday was our second to last Inklings meeting and I decided to go back to the beginning and do a Reading Challenge involving cooking.  We had so much fun making cheese at the beginning of the year, why not make olive oil lip balm at the end of the year.

So using a great scene in Chapter 21 of Mark of the Thief, where Nic is found by Aurelia and then doctored back to health with a little help from some serious wound scrubbing and a little olive oil and oregano, we entered the wonderful world of Olive Oil.  Did you know all of the medical uses olive oil can have?

After a little online research and a few trips to Michaels and Wal-Mart I was ready to make olive oil lip balm for the Inklings.

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I was actually surprised at how easy it was to follow the recipe.  I couldn’t find any decent essential oil, and I didn’t want our lip balm to smell of patchouli or rosemary (all I could find), so we just left it out.  The Inklings enjoyed hearing about Nic’s wound and how he was cleaned up, and said our lip balm would have been a great addition to Aurelia’s treatments.

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We also talked about our final meeting of the year, set for June 25, and the feast that we are planning.  Take a look at a sample letter that went home to parents.

SMS Inklings Final Roman Banquet Note


Mark of the Thief was great, and so was our year of reading.  We all look forward to one big feast, a little break and then more reading adventures with the coming of the new school year.

See you next week.

Read on,

Mr. H


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